Must find out what a multi-faith room is.


Via London.

I’m sitting at the international terminal at Philadelphia’s British Airways gate.

Lots of thoughts.

Am connecting in London – I’ve never been.

I wonder if anyone here is going to Prague.

I wonder if a hot guy with boyish charm will sit next to me.

I wonder if my absence is going unnoticed in the various trails I’ve left.

I wonder when the next time I’ll have a Rita’s gelati of Swedish Fish water ice with vanilla custard.  Or a visit to a certain Pho hole-in-the-wall at 7th & Vermont in Los Angeles.

I wonder, when, in the history of word processing, has anyone EVER used Wingdings?  And, for that matter, Wingdings 2 and Wingdings 3?

I wonder for a split second what in the world I have gotten myself into.  I have often dreamed of living abroad.  Feels different when it’s your life.

Packing light?  Overrated.  I checked two huge suitcases for what I thought would be the mainstays of my wardrobe for the next year.  And I will be fashionable, nerds!  I planned for adding some room for shopping.  Plans change.

One-liter bottle of water? (The big one that’s a bitch to carry in your big mama tote bag.) Check.

Goose down coat? Check.

Courage?  (For some reason people keep telling me about this.)  I haven’t really had a chance to think about it.

So – the ‘life-is-short’ school has led me to this.  My romantic side.  My fear of living life with regret.  My responsible side has hopped onto the backburner.  On vacation.  Time to let faith take over.  Who knew that we would find ourselves where we are now?

Here we go.



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