“Quite nice, actually.”

“Beef or pasta?” A voice asks, in a British accent.

Location: British Airways flight.  London to Prague.

“Um…what do you recommend?”

“Well, the beef is good, and the pasta has mushrooms and cheese – the pasta is quite nice, actually,” he replied.

“Then I’ll have the pasta.”  Jeez.  I feel a piece of me melt upon hearing the words “quite nice, actually.”  Never underestimate the power of a man with a British accent.  Didn’t see that coming.



The view accompanying my crepe.


Ham, goat cheese, and spinach crepe.
Old town square.


All writers should get their own statue.

My mother says once I return to the States I need to hurry up and get married.


Because I’m nearly an old maid, didn’t you hear?



2 thoughts on ““Quite nice, actually.””

  1. melissa~ aw that is so nice…

    i reconize the old town, the clock tower, that statue near Peter’s bridge..(right?? it’s been more than 2 years ago…)

    anyways, it’s like a fresh ding ding! to my brain…your post…i want to get away…


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