About that Christmas Day dinner.

Christmas Day – my Aussie friend and I ended up at a small restaurant in Palermo for dinner.  Few places were open, and we jumped at the chance to grab a decent meal before everything closed for the holiday.

Buffet style.  I was quite skeptical of the quality – we were recruited from the tiny little street.  And, even as my friend from Oz commented, as soon as someone tries to recruit you into a restaurant, you immediately don’t want to go in there.   But, it was Christmas Day, and most of the eateries we passed on the streets were closed, so we had to take our chances.  So, out came the first course.  This was followed by a second and a third.  A fourth, a fifth.  And followed still by a sixth, a seventh, and eighth.  Some other things appeared which we were surely going to get charged for, but that we hadn’t asked for.  Some glasses of limoncello were insisted upon by the waiter.  Dishes of small dessert pastries.  A plate of fruit covered in a strange blue syrup.

The below are some photos of the aforementioned.

The check. The most shocking part of the meal.

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