Rebajas! Rebaixes! Hello, wardrobe expansion.

How many ways can you say "sale" ?

Attention, Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Ban on Shopping officially ends tomorrow.

Why tomorrow?  Well, tomorrow is when I move in to my new apartment, with my new roommate.  She doesn’t speak any English – so this should all be very interesting, and most certainly mejor para mi castellano.

The past four months of my life have been about becoming a minimalist.  When you gotta move, you gotta throw stuff out.  Like those jeans you only fit into when you’re in the best shape of your life.  And when you travel, you throw even more stuff out. Whole suitcases of clothing, even.

Yeah.  I said it.  There were tailored jeans in there, too.

Anyway – you can’t buy clothes when you’re constantly moving and looking to be as light and mobile as possible.  You gotta think like a nomad.  Of the tied-bag-on-a-stick-over-your-shoulder variety.

Luckily, for me, the rebajas have begun.  Some, segon rebaixes! (The second round – I think.)

Rebajas: the shopping period when retailers offer deep discounts for a couple of months starting January 7th, the day after el Dia de los Reyes.  Spaniards apparently wait for this time all year. They wait, and wait, and wait.  And then…they shop.

You can’t pass a storefront window display without seeing the words REBAIXES flashed around.

It is like Black Friday.  Except for two months.  And not as crazy or sleep-deprived.  It’s much calmer.  I don’t think they are quite as deep in terms of savings as much as the post-Thanksgiving day in the US, but – no one is going to get killed over a $100 laptop over here; I haven’t witnessed any violent shopping brawls.

Window shopping will now become potential wardrobe selection.


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