Food Dreams.

I don’t have any pictures for this post.  You’ll see why in just a second.

It happened.

I started daydreaming about food.  What would I eat if I was back in Los Angeles?

Melissa’s Food Dreams Tour.

I don’t have pictures of these – because I no longer live in the city of Angels.

(HINT, HINT: Friends, Send me your pictures of the below dishes and I will add to my post! Show some love!)

Here we go.  This is just the beginning, in no particular order…

1. Strawberry-banana-chocolate pancakes + a strong cup of coffee @Lulu’s.

2. The #3, with grilled onions, ketchup instead of the animal sauce @In-n-Out Burger.

3. Steak burrito bowl with some chips & guac @Chipotle.  Ooh guacamole…getting carried away here –

4. Chicken bellagio @Cheesecake Factory.  With strawberry lemonade.

5. That rice salad @Jitlada thai.

6. Rare flank steak Pho at the little joint on 7th & Vermont.

7. Pancakespancakespancakes! @The Griddle.

8. 3 tacos + 1 horchata @El Taurino.

9. Chevre sandwich on ciabatta + soup du jour @Studio Cafe Magazzino’s.  Or do I want the salad…

10. Pork tonkatsu @Wako.  The freshly ground sesame seeds in my own, individual mortar-and-pestle.

11. Gal bi tang @ Park’s BBQ.

12. Seafood soon du bu + extra potato salad, please @BCD Tofu house.

13. O Dae San.  Helloooo, galbi.

14. An enormous piece of cake and a really good cup of coffee @Alcove.

15. A massive slice of Sweet Lady Jane cake – triple berry.

16. Breakfast pasta @Hugo’s – ooh – or maybe the chai pancakes.  Yum.

17. Any dish + the peach iced tea @Rustic Spoon.

18. Anything @Starry Kitchen.

19. Mendocino Farms.  Then a quick jaunt over to chill in California Plaza.

20. Medianoche + mariquitas + a slice of opera cake @ Porto’s.

21. Vanilla or chai latte @Urth Caffe. Go Large or go home.

22. Kogi burrito + sriracha on the side @Kogi bbq truck.

23. Ho dduk @ ho dduk truck, 1st & Western.  Perfect, hot, and gooey dessert for a buck.  I hope they’re still a buck…

24.  Any burger + sweet potato fries @Umami.


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