The Latest in Fashion (from the Homefront). And, brand new COTW!

My mom.  My mother.  She’s staring back at me on Skype, telling me about her last shopping trip.

She says the word ‘corduroy’ with an accent.  It reminds me of the word ‘goiter’ + ‘-roy’.  Goiter-roy.  Yep.  That’s the best way I can describe it.

She’s convinced that it is winter’s premiere pant for keeping you warm during those miserably cold, snowy weeks.

So.  Fashion, according to my mom – deck out the wardrobe with a couple pairs of corduroy, I mean ‘goiter-roy’ pants for the season.   Not sure why she thinks this; it’s not like they’re filled with goose down or anything.  I think that maybe, somehow, she believes that the extra layer of textured fabric provided by those thin or wide-waled lines are equivalent to a second layer of heat, enveloping you like an electric blanket.

Yep.  My mother’s fashionista eye; her wardrobe pieces all carefully sought and selected by hand, tried on, and compared.  And, most likely, kept in consistence with last year’s roster, and the one from the year before that.

Wide-waled corduroy.  I recall a pair she had in brown; which I keep guessing is from 5 years ago, but she must’ve had them for at least ten years.

I wonder if she still has them, stored in the back of her walk-in closet somewhere.  They’re probably on a shelf or in one of those big mama plastic bins.

COTW [crush-of-the-week] (it’s back!)

FinaLLy, a new COTW!  It’s about time for something a little sweet.  Everybody needs an objeto de su afecto every once in a blue moon.

This is MLTV’s very first installment of COTW.  Exciting.  I know.  Things have been a bit uneventful in that area; or maybe, I suppose, unfocused due to the constant hustle-and-bustle.

Anyway, the first COTW is not my usual type; he is more of the artsy, intellectual, hipster variety.  The hipster without the pretentiousness (at least, so far so good).  Dons cozy sweaters that you just want to hug.  Has that cute-sweet-nerd thing going on for him, along with an easygoing nonchalance and a patient, chill disposition.

Oh, babe.  I forgot how much I love cupcakes.

  • COTW: glasses+cozy sweater combo.

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