Would you like some coffee with your coffee?

“Why, yes!  Yes I would…”

My dream guy?  You know – chef, masseuse, salsa dancing, articulate intellectual who knows how to brew a damn good cup of coffee.

Actually, I’ve been thinking more about family lately than prospective gentleman suitors.

My mother, like me, enjoys coffee.

Among the market aisles, her hands usually reach for the Nescafe instant coffee mix – the individual packets, complete with coffee, sugar, and creme in a trifecta of powder.  They are mild in strength and weak in taste; she, like many Korean mothers, flock to keep them in stock.

Not in a coffee mood? There is always a box of green tea in my mother’s kitchen.

And if I’m home?  A bag of Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend ground coffee for the brew in the comfort of my own abode.  If you see it in the pantry, it’s a dead giveaway that I’m around.

But the cafes con leche in this town are just dandy.


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