Stuff I Found in My Parents’ Kitchen.

Osterizer blender.  Circa…1979?  This baby has survived at least 4 moves, two kids’ childhoods, and many a Christmas, Thanksgiving, and summer smoothie whimsy.

Coffee. Good thru 2006. Yum.
Notice: line of demarcation.
Weak sauce instant coffee in single serving packets. Bona fide flag of a Korean kitchen, first generation.

Really old peanut butter.  Even the oil has separated from it in a density line.

Old coffee.

Oatmeal from last year.

Styrofoam containers from take-out dinners.  Rinsed and then stored in our cabinets for reuse. (You’re killin’ me, Smalls.)

Coffee mugs from a certain spelling bee champ’s trip to DC – circa ’96.

Salted butter in a poorly chosen temporary container for its storage.

3 lbs. of dried Coffeemate creamer.

Aloe vera juice.  Sounds gross, right?


One thought on “Stuff I Found in My Parents’ Kitchen.”

  1. I’ve had aloe vera juice! It’s not so bad, but I haven’t felt like making it a habit. Stuff I found in my parents kitchen eh? This may be a start of a new meme!


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