A Few Words From Oz. + the UK.

Words from my Aussie friend:

“Shavers” = Razors. (Located next to the chocolates at the market at Termini station in Rome, fyi.  Naturally.)

“Jumper” = Sweater.

“Pluggers” = Flip flops.  Also, “thongs.”

“Newkaaahhhstle” = Newcastle.

“Nice food.” = Good eats.

“Doll”  = Darl'(ing).

“Goawwd” = Good.

“Fringe” = Bangs.

“See what’s around.” = Chill/hang out/go where the wind blows/be spontaneous/up for anything.

“Oh Yeah!” = Something bomb is happening.

And, from my UK friend:

“That’s a smart shirt.” = That is a cute/fashionable/nice shirt.

“Down you go!”  = What to say to someone you are pushing down a steep hill.

“She and I get on really well.” = We have friend chemistry/get along/click.

“I need some proper tea.” = I need some decent tea, WTF!?!

“Saw-sojjj” = Sausage.

“Come, on Tot.” = I know you’re a short (5’3″) Asian person (and I’m 6’5″), but hurry UP!

“I have a spot on my nose.”  Spot = pimple/blemish/visually strongest point on your face.

“I hurt my bum when I slipped down those icy stairs.” = Get some rock salt on that shit! WTF?! My booty is black + blue.  Shoot.

“Why do you have so much underwear?” = Seriously, why did you bring so much underwear?  You’re traveling, here!  Laundry’s gonna be a bitch.



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