Turkish Delights Are Real.

So I guess that means…Narnia is real, people!

What I Learned from Shipping Turkish Delight from Spain to the US: Turkish Delights are packed, I mean PACKED with preservatives.

What I Also Learned: There is no faith to be had in the Spanish postal service.  The package took exactly ONE MONTH to arrive to my friend’s place (the estimated shipping duration was about a week).  And there was still Turkish Delight in the box.  (Unopened, even.)  Another package that was sent from Spain to the US took about a week and a half.  So, no – not even consistency in the delayed delivery.  Should’ve gone FedEx – they’re more of the trusty sort.

Pompous entry-level employees are not just found in LA, city of “all those big stars.”  They can also be found giving self-entitled attitude at your neighborhood Verizon Wireless store in suburbia.

I wish I had bought more Turkish Delights.  Istanbul airport, you surprise me.  Although you made me throw out a brand new bottle of water that I had bought at your airport, I must say.

Coming to a Museum of Extinction Near You.
TGS at the Istanbul airport. Liz Lemon probably knows about this.

DailyCandy had circulated a new piece about “How To Pack Like A Pro,” supposedly authored by a stylist, one of Hollywood’s elitist fashionistas, I’m guessing.  The truth is, a professional doesn’t pack ANYWHERE near that much luggage (80% of which will go unworn) for a 3 day weekend.  The “Pro” carries on, and plans on wearing most everything he or she has packed, instead of looking like a fool waiting at the baggage carrousel which may or may not produce your luggage.  Hell, I brought one backpack for a weeklong trip to Indonesia, complete with two cameras, cell phone, and chargers, collapsible umbrella.  And even then I had wished I had pared down a bit more.  I suppose if you’re traveling like a fashionista that has never traveled before, you’re expecting that you’ll be sitting pretty with all the amenities, and a bellhop to help with your belongings at all times.  And, don’t forget: the more stuff you have, the longer it takes you to unpack and repack from each point of accommodation.

In lieu of packing advice you can actually USE – instead of doing an extensive list, i.e. 16 Essential Items, I simplified it:


1. Pare down – one of everything, instead of three or four.  I.e. one pair of jeans, one warm layering piece (sweater or jacket), one dress.  You’re traveling, not hosting an awards show.

2. Bring clothes that can layer.  That one big ol’ wool sweater that skinned off a few alpacas ? Leave it at home. Instead, go with the tee shirt, cardigan, and scarf, for example – you can easily peel off a layer when things get warm.

3. If you’re traveling for an extended period of time, i.e. working or studying abroad, bring CLOTHES THAT CAN TAKE A BEATING.  You might be in a locale where the washing machines are particularly brutal to your clothes.  Or, where there are no dryers (forget having a ‘gentle cycle’).

Now that you’ve packed light, you’ll have room for all those Turkish Delights.