The Grammatically Incorrect and Poorly Punctuated Customer Service Letter From My Local Macy’s.

Sometimes you take it upon yourself to send a note.  I love suggestion boxes.

So – like any slightly empowered American, I wrote an email to the customer service link via the Macy’s website after a recent store visit to my neighborhood’s retail post.  I received an email from the store manager, and was floored at the appalling manner with which the note was written.  (Perhaps two-finger typed from a Blackberry?  Not that it would be of much absolution – the only correctly capitalized characters seemed to be the manager’s name.)   Here’s the response that the store’s Vice President (and Store Manager) sent:

“Hi, please allow me to introduce myself, I am [name omitted*] the store manager for macys in the [location omitted]..Today i received a concern from the service website regarding your last shopping experience to our store, And i do agree with you, on our assortment concerns that you have, I have been coded by our organization as a better traditional location,, and there fore will not ever receive the designer brands that you as a customer are looking for. I agree that our [omission] location is the closest with what you are looking for, We do however, have the capability from [omission], to look any item by designer at each register location, it is called search and send, and any associate can look up brands, and skus for you,, if the merchandise is available at the fullfillment center, and over$ 50.00 it ships free to your home, Hopefully more customers like yourself will go onto our website, and voice the same concerns to impact assortment changes. please feel free to stop by any associate on the sales floor, and ask for search and send, or stop by the executive office on the upper level, and look for me,, we will do whatever we can to offer you, what you came looking for
[name omitted*]”

*Name and location voluntarily omitted to protect identities.  And to promote improved (and properly written) customer service and proper American English.

Perhaps the store manager should redirect customer service concerns to a communications manager or a publicist.  Or simply an able-minded copy editor.

Hmm.  I wonder how many people have writing skills that are superior to a major department store chain’s veep.


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