Ways For Men To Repel Women, Or, A Gentleman’s Basic Guide To All The Wrong Moves.


Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen.  It’s been awhile since my last post focusing solely on the dating and love and circles.  So – you’re welcome.  This topic came up in natural discourse, and, well, hopefully this will help, for gentleman suitors everywhere – or repel the dates you don’t want to want you, or show you what NOT to do when trying to impress.

*In all honesty, many of these items described are things that are not only what women find repulsive about men, but from people in general.  Yes – on a human level, common courtesy and respect always go a long way.  Anyhow, in no particular order:


  • Bad breath.  Women are sensitive to smell, and, no matter how cute the guy is, if he has bad breath, or any items of suspicious, noxious origin, she will, instinctively, back away.  Also – this can be indicative of bacteria.  So, subconsciously, via symbiosis, she may associate you with bacteria.
  • Constantly checking the phone. Inattentiveness reads rudeness.
  • Not paying attention.  When a woman asks a man a question, and he answers such that he clearly was not listening to anything she was talking about, it’s a major turn-off.
  • Braggarts. Women don’t want to hear a man go on and on about his accomplishments.  Or any person, for that matter.  Be confident, not an arrogant narcissist.
  • Too touchy-feely too soon.  (Duh.)
  • Shifty eye contact or constantly averting gaze. Comes off as shady or stemming from poor self confidence – and that, gentlemen, is a HUGE turn-off.
  • Eye contact doesn’t actually connect with ours.  When a guy is constantly looking over your shoulder, around the restaurant, the bar, wherever – it reads as douche-y.  Basically looking around the room is an indicator that the guy thinks he’s the shit and is looking around to see if anyone more important walked into the room.  Or when the guy is looking at your body and not into your eyes, it’s an obvious indicator of what’s on his mind.
  • Talking way the heck too much.  Gentlemen: Shut up.  Listen.  You have now increased your odds of getting to date #2 a bazillion percent.
  • Scratching yourself. We’ve all seen grown men do this in public – unacceptable on all counts, and a huge turn-off.
  • Nose-picking.  Go to the men’s room.  Use a tissue.
  • Not paying for the date. Probably the most potent and utterly repulsive move a man could make while on a date.  Stinginess when it comes to the bill isn’t about money; it’s always about courtesy.  (If I end up numbering these, I would put this at the top of the list.  I’m pretty independent – but this still counts – hey, Marisa Miller knows what I’m talking about.)
  • Taking the booth side while your date gets shoved with her purse into the chair. We always notice this.  It is a selfish and inconsiderate move.  Women like to be treated as ladies.
  • Being indecisive. Taking 20 minutes to decide on every aspect of your meal is frustrating.  Indecisiveness that renders a man impossible and ambivalent on things can be a tough cookie to swallow.  Especially when even he can’t decide which cookie he wants.  If a man can’t even make a decision regarding his meal, what else is he incapable of deciding upon?
  • Ask a woman for her weight, her age, or bra size. All off-putting, at the very least.
  • As far as fashion goes, there are many ways to lead with the wrong foot.  The above is one of them, as GQ has pointed out.  I suppose that would be an entirely separate post or GQ spread, however.
I have a feeling there may be more to add to this.

Need some dating nightmares for inspiration?  Check out these nyc mishaps

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