Being Social in Real Life. And, Lines Heard in Real Life.

Being Social

I really don’t go out much anymore. Perhaps it’s a sign of the times. My idea of going out is getting pie or watching a movie.  Somehow I managed to make it out to a few gatherings last month.

Baby shower.  Met some awesome ladies at my first ever baby shower celebration. Who knew there were so many games and quizzes to be had? (Also, the T Room is absolutely charming.  I could totally picture Emily Gilmore having her DAR meetings there.)

Speaking of Gilmore Girls, met Mrs. Kim of the prematurely cancelled series.  Her character and my mother could be best friends. Hahhh! (Yes, I hope my mom never reads this blog. Hence, artistic integrity and frankness may soldier on.)  Anyway, saw her at an East West Players event (where I volunteered and did my best not to hit on other volunteers – my suspicions that West coast guys are more attractive than back East were confirmed).

Ah, Los Angeles. Back together again.

Because Writers Write

Finished + submitted my script for Fox TV’s comedy pilot hoopla (part of NYTVF). One more original comedy script to add to my roster. Wonder how many scripts they received. Will then compare with odds of winning the lottery, like an Angeleno.

Began writing a play. Not much of a theater type, so this should be interesting.

Back to basics – it may be time to get back to novel writing. Upmarket fiction, anyone? Writer’s Digest is having a writing contest. And perhaps it’s time I got a lit agent.

Lines heard in real life this week:

“I’ve traveled quite a bit.” (Ughhh.)

“The Korean Jesus joke in 21 Jump Street was funny.” (I completely disagreed.)

“I’m not as young as I used to be.” (To which I responded, “Don’t worry, we’re all not as young as we used to be.”)

“I’m crippled.” (What the hell am I supposed to say to that? What is the proper responses, people? Seriously, tell me.)


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