Fashion King’s Fashion Don’ts. And, Other Kdrama Clichés.

This time, am highlighting Fashion King’s (패션왕) crimes of fashion. Yeah. I said it.

Those moments when you’re watching TV and think, “WTF are you wearing?”

Weird puke-and-moss green v-neck sweater with strange bullseye embossed graphic on the front. Ep. 10. Jung Jae Hyuk wears at his apartment when Lee Ga Young comes over and threatens not to leave until he drops the lawsuit.

Also, what’s with the elongated shirt collars on Jae Hyuk? Seems a bit 90s. And other offenses.


  • Guy catches falling girl. (also see Coffee Prince, My Lovely Sam Soon).
  • Girl+Guy caught in a “This isn’t what it looks like” situation while exiting hotel rooms or residences and getting unexpected visitors.
  • Someone gets piggybacked home (either their own or someone else’s) while in a drunken, comatose stupor.

Bitchslaps & Fights & Other Physicalities

Also – of the many slaps on Fashion King, it seems that the one by the Jo Boutique matriarch look so unbelievably rehearsed producers should have just rewritten the scenes. Throwing a tissue box at someone’s face? Really?!  Also, what was UP with that weird eye make-up ?

Anger/passive-aggression/aggressive-yet-pathetic-aggression: throwing a few papers in someone’s face in a biz meeting? Really, Jae Hyuk? That’s just silly. What a silly man move, you.  (What are you writers thinking??)

Every fight, even just a single punch thrown, always seems to end up in a bloody lip.  I’m not speaking from experience, but what are the possibilities that every guy just aims for the lip, every time?

Ga Young goes for it and plants one on Young Gul.  Finally, a girl not from the 1920s. (Rolling my eyes.)  She apparently didn’t have the decency to explain to people a few eps back that she was never YG’s girlfriend and they end up beating her up, though. Weird character discrepancy aka VERY UN-characteristic of her to do.

Cheesy but Likable

Moment when Jae Hyuk is tearing up at a movie, looks over at Ga Young and she is knocked out. (Ep. 10)

Jae Hyuk ends up eating all of Ga Young’s lunch.

Culturally Negative Sterotypes & Characterizations

So – basically, all Korean moms are evil and controlling? Thanks, Korean drama producers and screenwriters. Great message to send out to the world. I mean, sure, it’s true, but do you have to echo that in every storyline?


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