More Youtube Reviews: Up In Da Club, Always You, Ted’s Best Man Friend.

More on old (and new) web series.

UP IN DA CLUB (2009)

Cast: Chris Dinh, Phillip Wang. Extended.
Produced by Wong Fu Productions.
Written by: Phillip Wang.
Directed by: Phillip Wang, Wesley Chan.
4 episodes, comedy.

Bumbling office employee gets invited by an attractive co-worker to go clubbing.  Poindexter proceeds to elicit the help of his (cool) slacker friend on navigating the pitfalls of clubbing like a champion.


Cast: Ki Hong Lee, Lana McKissack, Stephanie Duchaine. Extended cast.
Written by: Chris Riedell.
Directed by: Chris & Nick Riedell.
Produced by: Chester See, Pradeepa Jeeva, Justin Lin. On the YOMYOMF Network.
2 episodes released thus far; drama(?)/music webseries.

A former couple encounters each other at a party. Comes off as more of a music video with a sketch rather than a true web series. Would like to see more of the couple’s history when they were a couple instead of as current estranged exes, would shed more light on the relationship – but it’s only for a millisecond, it seems, before cutting to the music video portion of the ep. It’s classified as a music webseries, apparently, but hey – I want more story, please!

Self-contained videos (I guess you could classify as shorts?) I liked this week:


Cast: Ted Fu, Phillip Wang, Wesley Chan, Chris Dinh.
Produced by: Wong Fu Productions.
Comedy, 8 mins.

The gentlemen of Wong Fu kept me laughing in this short. Shot in single-camera style ‘a la The Office/Parks & Rec/Everything Else that’s Single Cam These Days.  Natural dynamics between the characters were golden.  Enjoyable video with Wesley and Phillip’s genuinely entertaining antics in vying for the role of Best Man at Ted’s upcoming wedding.  Loved it so much I am wondering if there is a blooper reel somewhere. One of my faves this week.

Favorite lines:
“Why are you touching me?”
“It is hot. But you’re so cool.”
“Taking off the garter. You can practice on me.”
Ted’s “Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!” @ 4:59.


Love this.


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