Reviews: The Potstickers, Company Car, And, Video Treat!


Directed & Created by: Zac Wong
Produced By: SIBS Creative Media, The Potstickers Productions.
Cast: Andrew Hu, Victoria Park, Jourdan & Jeremy Steel, Zac Wong, Jeff Bee. Extended.
4 episodes, comedy.

Ben (the kid in the purple hoodie) is the pitifully awkward teenager with low self-confidence and a horrible haircut. Wonder if he hated it just as much as Javier Bardem hated his mane during No Country For Old Men. Just sayin’. Him and his two always-do-well best friends and fellow dorks fantasize about getting with the pretty girls in school and take it upon themselves to somehow get themselves into a popular classmate’s house party.  They are so disenfranchised that they relegate themselves to eating lunch in the alleyway of the school courtyard (really? is such self-induced group isolation necessary?)

In many ways, GK is a ringer for Robert Romanus’ Mike Damone in Mallrats – creepy vibes, but with none of the sleaziness. GK’s the poser slacker who tries a little bit too hard to make it look like he doesn’t care. Nonetheless he pushes Ben and Alex out of their comfort zones, even if it means dragging them to gawk with him at the cheerleaders’ practice.

 Just pitiful: Three boys squeezing themselves on a bicycle (a bike!) as their mode of transportation to a party.
Also: Hated Ben’s douchey brother Broyce. How befitting a moniker.


Produced by: Wong Fu Productions
Cast: Emanuel Boria, the gents of Wong Fu. Extended.
5 episodes, comedy. Single-camera style.

Newbie Manny joins the Wong Fu team, driving the company car and juggles the demands of his new position while trying to fit in a date, do a good job, and impress his bosses.

Favorite: Episode 2. Manny picks up actors Justin Chon, Kevjumba and friends, as they each coerce him into helping uncover friends’ intentions and badmouthing.

Video (Treat) Of The Week! (VOTW)

And just a completely unrelated Video (treat) Of The Week (VOTW)!

This week, a special treat: a fire alarm goes off during Conan’s live taping, and Steven Ho wipes the floor with him (again).  Ah, the joys of late night.


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