Web Series Reviews: BFFs, Home Is Where the Hans Are, Motherlover.

BFFs (2012)

Cast: Dyana Liu, Christine Ko, Amy Okuda, Alice Wen, Meeghan Holaway, Bridge Stuart, Chester See. Extended.
6 Episodes, (Dark) Comedy. YOMYOMF Network.

Synopsis: Resident mean girls clique – except Asian American, and not blonde white chicks for once! – rules over a high school.  These girls are mean – I mean, mean – activities include beating up a disabled student, kidnapping an old dude, etc.  When they’re faux extracurricular club is threatened to be shut down by a teacher, they launch a campaign for Jessica to run for student council in an effort to cement her in with some solidified power.

Comments: Likable dark comedy. Dyana Liu’s Jessica does NOT pass as one of high school student youthfulness.  Opening voice-over narrations bring to mind other bitchy high school beyotch films Jawbreaker, or Heathers, or [insert mean girl clique movie].  Could have done without the love affair with the janitor.

Favorites: Jessica’s gratifying stare-downs with cute boy in high school, Guy (played by Chester See). “Let’s break up or stuff.”  And in ep 4 – Emily Kuroda! (Gilmore Girls love!)


Written by: Wong Fu Productions & Chris Dinh.
Produced by: Wong Fu Productions in association with Fremantle Media.
Cast: Jamie Nocher, Emanuel Borria, Katie Savoy, Ellen Wong, Randall Park, Major Curda, Julie Lancaster.
4 Episodes, Comedy.

Synopsis: Broke (and Caucasian) study abroad student/artist Derek returns home after a 2 year absence, having missed his mother’s wedding.  Funny scene (SPOILER ALERT) when Derek ends up flirting, unbeknownst to him, with his stepsister at a florist.  Derek has returned, however, either auspiciously or not, on the eve of his stepfather Andrew’s birthday, and proceeds to get nominated by his family to pick him up while meeting him for the first time, and proceed to bring him home for his surprise birthday party.

Comments: Pleasantly fun web series.  Derek and his stepsister seem to have a bit more chemistry by episode two.  Also – hated that vest on the lead character, Derek. Some guys just can’t pull off the vest. Props for pairing the Asian American GUY with the Caucasian wife.

Favorite Lines: “What’s racist?” “Uh, racism.”


Written & Directed by: Ari Costa.
Cast: Jonathan Lipnicki, Ki Hong Lee, Carolyn Hennesy, Joel Murray.
6 Episodes, Comedy. YOMYOMF Network. First episode released so far.

Synopsis: Kid returns home to find that his best friend has been hooking up with his mom. Yikes/gross.

Comments: Is there any real chemistry between actors Ki Hong Lee and what’s-her-face? I just don’t see it.  And who knew? Haven’t seen Jonathan Lipnicki in anything since child star black hole. Hated that ruffled-shirt-thing on Chaz. Ughh.

Looking forward to the next ep!


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