Blue, Pretty Tough, & K-Town – Web Series Reviews.

Blue. 12 episodes, 8 mins approx. WIGS channel, Youtube.

Cast: Julia Stiles, Sarah Paulson, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Tony Plana.

Written by Rodrigo Garcia.

The story – it’s just all so dark and depressing. Single Mom secretly clocks in part-time hours as a call girl to pay the bills and take care of her brainiac teenager. Her only friend is doting co-worker/ insecure fangirl type whose only development in life is her status as a doormat to a former flame. And Ugly Betty‘s (and An Officer and a Gentleman‘s) Tony Plana like you’ve never seen him before. This series was so drab and heavy, I was dying, just dying for any lighthearted moment. Two split seconds of comedy, please? Any comic relief at all would have been desperately welcomed and should be offered a free drink and an appetizer.

Blue, played by Julia Stiles, struggles to pay the bills and raise her son while trying to keep her moonlighting under wraps. She runs into an old high school classmate while on a job, and suddenly he’s blurring the lines between her two worlds, yada yada yada, she gets scouted by another madam/lady-of-the-house recruiter, and (spoiler alert!) an old dude/flame?/recovering alcoholic type appears out of nowhere, seemingly (he only gets one mention in one of the previous eps), and the series just ENDS.

The real game-changer would have been (spoiler alert!) if they had her son discover that she was raking in dough from the oldest profession known to mankind. Julia Stiles was the only draw for me in this web series.  Pacing a bit inconsistent at times, the conclusion – dissatisfying.  (Kept on thinking, wtf kind of ending was that?)

The real, commendable star is the WIGS channel – they are producing quality, scripted content starring female leads.

Pretty Tough, an original Hulu series. 5 episodes, 22 mins approx.
Cast: Adelaide Kane, Crystal Young, extended.

Written by: Marguerite MacIntyre (screenplay), Liz Tigelaar (novel).

Ok. A show about mean girls.  In high school. The show is based on the popular novel by Liz Tigelaar, which illustrates these major nemeses whom are also sisters. Also – women with lines across the forehead which, in turn, make me think of Morgan Freeman – do NOT pass for teens – I’m just sayin’. And it could use some more diversity in casting, on the other hand.  Can we see a bit more minorities on the web series, maybe, and not just as the token best friend?

Parents might as well be a backdrop – this show is about these two girls – sisters who hate each other and are polar opposites that end up playing on the same soccer team at school.  I don’t see this many shows or movies with men pitted against each other unless they’re wearing tights – what comes to mind are The Hangover, The Change-Up.

Keeping score at the girls taking jabs at each other.  Comeback queens? Anyhow, sisters spar off, insecurities, gossip, and cliques abound, with a sprinkling of boys and peer pressure outlining the journeys of young teens.

Visually gritty and dark for a cross between Gossip Girls, Mean Girls, Bend It Like Beckham, and 90210. Solid quality drama, which is no surprise considering it’s coming from Liz Tigelaar, whose credits include current hot primetime dramas Revenge and Once Upon A Time.

K-Town. Season 2, 5 eps of 7 released. LOUD channel, Youtube.

Ughhh.  The car accident continues.  Yet I can’t turn away. Somehow the p-o-s continues to blaze on in complete self-destruction.

Just caught ep 4 – if you’re looking for not just a train wreck, but a domino of train wrecks/bus crashes/ hot messes/village idiots/what have you, then this one will suffice.  I would give you a quick synopsis of the webisode, if it had any semblance of a plot or anything beyond its vacuous, contrived altercations. This reality show has quite possibly the highest number of fabricated brawls and finger-shaking squabbles I’ve ever seen in a single 22 minute span of time in my life that I’ll never get back.

Where did they find these people? Where can one find such a crackpot of loose cannons and fame-whores with nothing to say?  I wonder if Italian Americans felt the same sentiment when Jersey Shore was unveiled.  Granted, at least the K-Town cast members are able to spout off lingo in Korean – I don’t recall the guidos and guidettes of JS busting out the Italian in between fights and other producer-concocted drama. Nope – not a redeeming quality, just sayin’.

Oh yeah – Joe’s girlfriend – she cray-cray. Among her onscreen counterparts, though, that isn’t saying much.


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