Mark Wahlberg’s Jobs – Probably a Cop or Crook. Or, Weatherman.

Mark Wahlberg’s latest.

So, about Mark Wahlberg. And the current fiscal state of things.

In this economy, I couldn’t help but think of the job market, constantly making headlines. And then I caught the trailer of Wahlberg’s upcoming flick, Broken City.

Naturally, I thought about his roster of work as a film actor, and took a look at the occupations of all the characters he’s played (from the late ’90s to present). I did not include films that I’d never heard of.  So, on Mark’s characters’ résumé…

The upcoming Broken City: Cop.

Ted (2012): rental car company employee. Boyfriend of Mila Kunis.


Contraband (2012): Former drug smuggler. I did not see this one. But, I can imagine how it went.

The Other Guys

The Other Guys (2010): Cop. With Will Ferrell.  In a buddy comedy.

The Fighter (2010): Boxer in beantown.

Date Night

Date Night (2010): Security detailer. So basically, coplike. (And you go, Liz Lemon!!!)

The Lovely Bones (2009): Works for an surance agency.

Max Payne (2008): Hit man from the video game. Partners up with Mila.

The Happening

The Happening (2008). Science teacher in PHL. With Zooey Deschanel, which was a curious match-up. I don’t think you look at Mark Wahlberg and think, “We need someone adorkable with him.”

We own the night
We Own The Night

We Own The Night (2007): Cop in nyc.


Shooter (2007): retired Marine and sniper. So – armed forces/civil servant: basically a cop, but federal, instead of local.

The Departed

The Departed (2006): Cop in beantown.

Invincible (2006): Bartender/Teacher then NFL player.

Four Brothers (2005): I have no idea. Just that him and his bros went and found who killed their foster mother.

I Heart Huckabees (2004): Firefighter – so armed public servant – so kind of a cop. (The brother occupation to a firefighter, yeah?)

The Italian Job (2003): Professional Thief.

Rock Star (2001): eponymous.

Three Kings

Planet of the Apes (2001): Didn’t see it. Probably won’t.

The Perfect Storm (2000): Fisherman. With Clooney.

Three Kings (1999): American soldier – ehh still kinda coplike. And, with Clooney and Ice Cube!

The Corruptor (1999): Didn’t see this, but apparently: Cop.

The Yards (1999): Did anyone see this? Also, Charlize Theron and Joaquin Phoenix were in this?? Who knew. Anyway – MW was an incarcerated (good) bad guy.

The Big Hit

The Big Hit (1998): comedy based around an extremely polite, well-meaning hit man.  On a related note, would LOVE to see what Melvin Smiley is up to these days. Sequel, anyone?


On a somewhat related note, in Fear (1996), MW played the disturbed, psychopath boyfriend of Reese Witherspoon.  I think this was the only real memorable character where I’ve seen him as a true villain. Sidenote: would be nice to see this couple onscreen together again, ya know?


The most popular occupation of the probably action-starring character he’s playing is usually something in the armed forces, “good” bad guy, or former military/cop/criminal type with saves-the-day skills utilized on the job.


1 cop, 1 rental car company employee, 1 drug smuggler, 1 cop, 1 boxer, 1 security detailer, 1 insurance agent, 1 hitman from a videogame, 1 science teacher, 1cop in nyc, 1 retired Marine/sniper, 1 beantown cop, 1 bartender/teacher then NFL player, 1 of 4 brothers, 1 firefighter, 1 pro thief, 1 rock star, 1 captive human on a planet of apes, 1 fisherman, 1 American soldier, 1 cop, 1 incarcerated (good) bad guy, 1 hit man.

Total Cop Roles: 5.
Total Cop+Coplike Roles: 9.
Total (Good) Crooks/Hitmen: 5.
Total pro athletes: 2.

Conclusion: We like Mark Wahlberg as a cop, a criminal and anything in the armed forces. But we’ve seen him do all these jobs before. I wonder if he’s not feeling challenged enough.

But, I kind of like him as a weatherman.  Check out the forecast!



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