Let Me Out, Reviewed.

Let Me Out (렛 미 아웃, 2013)


Directed by Jae Soh, Chang Lae Kim.
Cast: Kwon Hyun Sang, Park Hee-von, Han Geun-sup, Yumouhyung, Jessica Choi, Han Kook-jin, Kim Ki-bum, Lee Hyuck, Choi Hyung-tae, Kim Dae-joon, Kwon Kyum-min, Lee Myung-se, Yang Ik-june.
Run Time: 97 mins
Language: Korean / English Subtitles

A genuinely endearing, heartwarming story of an arrogant film student who is challenged from his usual seat of criticism to write, produce, and direct a film of his own.

A very personal indie film at that, as directors Jae Soh and Chang Lae Kim are both film professors at Seoul Institute of the Arts. The story follows a beleaguered film student, Mu Young, known for his scathing reviews (even heckling a visiting director), but has no body of work to show for all his smarmy comments and knowledge of cinematic history.

Not quite a zombie film, as those are in a class of gore and darkness in and of themselves, but about the daunting nature of filmmaking. Bloated egos, creative battles thrown at the student director, and constant and uninvited criticisms relentlessly offered up by cast and crew members.  The naive, impressionable student is all talk with nothing to back it up. Instead of seeing him fail, as his classmates expect, we root for Mu Young.  It’s his first real challenge. He stays up night after night, toiling over the script for his zombie melodrama. He casts a lead actress upon whom he has a crush. He tries best not to compromise his vision. His producer shamelessly seeks sponsorship and product placement opportunities. A C-list actress brings unreasonable demands and personal baggage to the production, and the perplexed director concedes.  The long hours, the pressure, the stress; his cast and crew threaten to walk.

I have to say: I loved every minute of it.

Kwon Sang Hyun breaks out from the supporting cast [The King 2 Hearts, Vampire Prosecutor 2,  The Princess’ Man] into his first role as a leading man. Also, bro’s one bean pole of a man with the face of a college kid, but anyway…

Here’s where you can find the film online: Let Me Out.


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