On a personal note.

on a personal note 1

Adjusting to life back East. New. Life has gotten uncertain again. I had goals when I first moved to LA, they grew into different paths. What I really wanted finally surfaced.  Certain things weren’t enough for me in LA anymore; I wanted more things for myself, more out of life.

I have to admit I can’t help but feeling like I gave up a bit. But I did it – I took a risk, I went for broke. I just couldn’t keep going, realistically, personally, I couldn’t stay in LA.  I chalked up huge failures, actually.   I do feel like a failure, in so many ways.  But when do people want to share all their failures? Weird. I feel like those end up being some of the most interesting things about people.  Totally sucks when they’re happening, granted.

I do feel like I gave up a bit.  But I’m still writing. That’s how I know I haven’t. Other things came into the picture.

I still want to write. Option a script. Direct films. My own scripts. My own stories. I still want to travel. Work with a growing list of actors. I’m still alive, so I must not be done living. There must be more that I’m meant for. But there’s less time to do it. It’s like my brain is catching up to life and who I am. So each day I have it, I better live life.

Stay tuned.

My jam of the moment: ‘Clouds’.


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