Friend 2 (친구 2).


Friend 2 (친구 2). Written & Directed by Kwak Kyung Taek.


Looking forward to this sequel to the 2001 Korean film, Friend, starring Jang Dong Gun about two childhood friends who grow up to become members of rival gangs. Promising sequel, especially with the same writer/director as the first film.  Yu Oh Seong reprises his role, but, even better – Woo Bin is in it, playing the role of Sung Hoon, the 17 year old son of  Dong Soo (who was played by Jang Dong Gun in the first film).  Unbeknownst to him, Sung Hoon gets involved with the man who had his father killed…well, you get the premise.  Heavy violence and intense drama to be expected.  Will be nice to see Woo Bin in something different than a high school TV series for a change.  Hopefully Jang Dong Gun is in it, even if its just in flashbacks, maybe?

Now that I’m back East I’ll have to see if it’s playing in my hood. Check out the trailer below, the US release date is set for December 13th:


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