heirs lee min ho park shin hye

The Massive, Expensive Train Wreck that was Heirs (상속자들).


Oh, Heirs. What could’ve been. Sigh.  There were few gems to be picked out of the rubble, after the series took its many destructive, character-driven turns for the worst.  I spent most of the time groaning.  There were just so many episodes where NOTHING HAPPENED. And then – that finale. Double sigh. And whose idea was it to have an artsy montage of the future?

My main qualms were with the characters. How shallow were they?


Rachel: she just seemed to be a mean bitch for no real reason. ‘Poor little rich girl’ defense ain’t goin’ cut it. So her ma’s loaded, but kinda a ho.  She was into Kim Tan – but seemed too attached for merely her expected pre-arranged marriage baggage.  It would’ve been more interesting to see her vulnerabilities, and WHY she wanted Kim Tan so badly. ‘Cuz I didn’t even believe her.

kim tanKim Tan: Ughhhh. Dude. Dude. Duuuuude. He seemed to just want Cha Eun Sang, whenever, and however suited his convenience.  Not a whole lot of consideration, he just seemed to like her, and wanted to date her, but with no real end goal in sight.  What about those very real problems of her mother being laid off? Or Cha Eun Sang having all those part-time jobs? Or the circumstances surrounding their move?

Kim Tan, for all his struggles against parental authorities and public pressures, doesn’t seem all that intimidated by Cha Eun Sang’s ma. Just because she works for your parents, she’s still your girlfriend’s mother. His earnestness in seeking her approval just wasn’t there. Where’s the respect, bro?

And for all their schoolgoing and uniform-wearing, he, Choi Young Do and all those other Jeguk High kids never seemed to hold a backpack or carry a damn BOOK.

cha eun sang

Cha Eun Sang: Did she have no brain? No thoughts, opinions? Her goals/dreams/passions were so unbelievable that I hated her character. So..her motivations were…to just pay off some debts? Maybe finish high school, ‘cuz why bother with trying to get into college?  And what kind of mother-daughter relationship was that? For all her chicken deliveries and coffee service, we didn’t really see too much of that exchange between her and her mother, what with the ‘ma, let me help cover the bills’ being so much of the driving force behind their circumstances.

Her motivation/dream, was that she just wanted to be out of debt, and not be bothered too much? (Sidenote: THAT was her DREAM?? In a series that began with a DREAMCATCHER motif? Give the audience something else – AIM. HIGHER.)  She was such a weak character, I wanted to slap her in the face.  Also…no big ol’ dramatic story arc about living without a father?

cha eun sangs sister

And WTF ever happened with Cha Eun Sang’s sister? What a waste of a storyline. What was screenwriter Kim Eun Sook thinking?


Choi Young Do: I liked his character, but couldn’t stand how his story lines were thrown away so carelessly. His character was probably the most interesting.  He was a bully, the asshole we all hated, but began to show vulnerability – albeit much late in the game. He tried to seem like he didn’t care about anything, but rather relished the convenience of his status and attention at school. (Btw: how hot is Kim Woo Bin? Never noticed the model-turned-actor.)

How LATE was the drama with his mother addressed? That should’ve begun waaaay earlier, near episode 7.

hyunjooHyun Joo, the tutor-teacher chick: She, all of a sudden is okay with getting back with Hyung? When did THAT all happen? No questions asked? WTF? All of a sudden she’s in bed with Hyung like, ‘yeah, baby, we’re back together, all the other obstacles between us for the previous 17 episodes are suddenly irrelevant’? Well, at least Hyo Shin didn’t commit suicide. That would’ve been melo- territory.

Chairman/Kim Tan’s Father: Ughh. Dialog-heavy with no role to play but the cold-hearted, greedy-and-power-hungry villain.  He’s supposedly ill, and just worries about public opinion, although he’s house-ridden the whole series. Not to mention he’s the one who got Kim Tan’s ma preggers, did he ever care about her at all? Where’s the emotional barometer on this guy, set to Mean and Barking At Everyone?

And why not keep Kim Tan’s existence secret to begin with, if you’re gonna keep his ma under house arrest? So many unanswered questions. But he sure played the mean and annoying old Dad well – too bad we didn’t see much else.

Chairwoman/Kim Tan’s stepmother: see Chairman/Kim Tan’s father.

All tip of the iceberg. No – all are fractional chunks of the tip of the iceberg. Enough of the missteps and ambiguously drawn characters. I just don’t want to talk about it anymore. Let’s get to the better moments.


choiyoungdo ramenFunny how many of my favorite scenes from the series were scenes with Choi Young Do. There were just so many.

Choi Young Do trips Cha Eun Sang, and then catches her before she falls.  Then the second trip-and-fall into that pool (but not before that stolen moment]. Quintessentially so revealing about his character, and a beam of light into just how damn intriguing is this guy? Element of mystery, people. Element. Of. Mystery.

Choi Young Do eats ramen while staring at a supposedly sleepy Cha Eun Sang. Ramen at a convenience store never looked so good.

fake cha eun sang mom

Kim Tan’s ma pretends to be Cha Eun Sang’s mom.

Secretary dude makes out, I mean makes OUT like there’s no tomorrow, with Rachel’s mom in the hallway. Not sure what South Korea’s version of the FCC would say, but seems pretty racy compared to other kdramas.

Kim Tan and Choi Young Do sit and reluctantly work together on a school assignment.


Ughh. It all could’ve been so, so, sooooo much better.


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