Secret Love Affair (밀회).


Secret Love Affair (밀회). Network: JTBC.
Director: An Pan Seok. (Credits: The End of The World, A Wife’s Credentials, South of the Border)
Writer: Jung Sung Joo (Credits: A Wife’s Credentials, My Love, Lawyers)
Starring: Kim Hee Ae, Yoo Ah In.

I’m not sold on the chemistry.

Mrs. Robinson here emanates the plain and matronly. I don’t see any sparks between them. And a ‘Secret Love Affair’, no matter how secret, shouldn’t feel like their attraction has been kept a secret off-camera, too.  This is definitely not the torrid electricity and feminine allure reminiscent of Diane Lane’s and Olivier Martinez’ characters in Unfaithful.  The warmth and the pounding heartbeat of Javier Bardem’s draw felt by the ladies in Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

At best, this – this – may be a slow, slow, sloooow burn.

Stylistically, the elements are there. The behind-closed-doors and peek-a-book screens the camera shoots behind. The slow-moving scenes, the bronze filters of an afterglow – all add up to the visuals of a bona fide melodrama.  And that’s what it is – it’s a melodrama – not a romance.

I’m sorry, Secret Love Affair. I feel nothing for you.

But I do like Yoo Ah In (of recent Iron Fist, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and that horrid Fashion King, um, fame).  And his girlfriend (Kyung Soo Jin) was on Shark (and I think – one of my favorite dramas, Shut Up Flower Boy Band – with a charismatic Sung Joon). Side note: how big are Yoo Ah In’s lips? He’s rockin’ some plumpety pumped up puckers. (I had to. I just had to.) Women would pay a lot of money for those smackers.

With the new kicks in drama-waves being rather low in supply (which is usually ever full of high school first-loves, Kpop stars of questionable acting ability, and way too much Park Shin Hye), I really wanted to like this one. The premise was distinct from the other stuff currently airing.

The strongest desire I feel is that of a yearning for the plot to move along more quickly.

I just don’t see this relationship going anywhere. Some people I know would just stay onboard, but really be waiting for something better to come along. Me? I hate to waste a single second – I’m making a  clean break.


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