Jang Ki Tae’s Streetwear Fashion, Valid Love

Chic post-grad streetwear, anyone?

Valid Love Park Jung Min

Even when you find out your sister-in-law has jacked your phone, you gotta be comfortable.

Valid Love

Or when you’re at a PC bang: comfort is key. (Please notice shoes and socks.)

Valid Love fashion

What’s my MO? Get. Comfortable.

Sometimes you want to take it up a notch. And look taller in front of girls.

Valid Love fashion

But still have something casual enough to wear while cooking ramen.

Valid Love fashion

Don’t forget protective layers for moments when your sister-in-law might be particularly nagging.

Valid Love fashion

Yet stylish enough to stand out on a rainy day.

Valid Love fashion

There’s something else you should know.

Valid Love fashion

When it comes to clothes, I like for them to not only be stylish but functional: they should allow mobility, in the event that you need to run at a moment’s notice. If you anticipate being chased. Because you stole your other sister-in-law’s phone. In order to get your phone back.

Valid Love fashion

I believe you should be comfortable in your own clothes, like the comfort of being in your own home. Even when your parents find out you may or may not have been gambling.

Valid Love fashion

Comfortably fashionable – and versatile. I would even step out for some soju with the hyung in these threads.

Valid Love fashion

Hoodies are great for keeping you warm, even during hard labor, like painting – if, you absolutely have to do it, of course.

Valid Love fashion

It’s winter: be sensible and bundle up – but don’t forget the fashion quotient.

Valid Love fashion

Valid Love fashion

Also: I’m really into crewneck sweatshirts.

Valid Love fashion

Valid Love fashion

I know you want this one. You can’t have it. It’s mine.

– Jang Ki Tae, Valid Love.


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