memory cheese in the trap

May Kdrama Marathon Picks: Memory, Cheese In The Trap

And my current marathon picks:


Memory kdrama

Memory, the Lee Sung Min-starring vehicle of a heavyweight lawyer who discovers the questionable circumstances surrounding his son’s death and the sinister seminal nature of the firm where he works. This ain’t no frilly, one-night-stand kdrama; Lee Sung Min delivers as attorney Park Tae Suk, and unsurprisingly (I mean, he’s Manager Oh from Misaeng, c’mon), but his fearless performance will leave you with another indelible impression. And yes, he gets diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s in the midst of the hoopla.

memory junho lee sung min

Plot carries nice pacing, and the romantic side storyline is a nice source of levity. Yoon So Hee and Junho’s have believable onscreen chemistry (hey, nice kiss scene). The series’ well-developed, dynamic scenes are woven in for seemingly every character, and the entire cast, including supporting characters, rise to the occasion.

Memory collage2









Co-stars include Yoon  So Hee (Marriage Not Dating, Wild Chives and Soybean Soup), Junho (Twenty, and also from 2PM), Kim Ji Su (A Word From Warm Heart), Kim Ki Woo (Miss Korea, Flower Boy Ramen Shop), Jeon No Min (Six Flying Dragons, Entertainer).


cheese in the trap kdrama

Cheese In The Trap

I had absolutely no expectations for this one, and the tale of the hardworking college student getting involved with a snobby upperclassman became the unexpected light of the kdrama week.

kim go eun

Leading lady Kim Go Eun (Coin Locker Girl) is well cast, and it’s one of the few kdramas in which the actors truly shine (hellooo, Seo Kang Joon. It’s like we’re seeing you for the first time). Based on a webtoon, it’s got a unique voice and refreshingly original plot, which is nice; those kdramas too often be chasing one tired cliche after another.

seo kang joon cheese in the trap kdrama

The unique tone and stylization are nothing to balk at, either, bringing a brisk, invigorating pace to the campus storyline. Park Hae Jin is capable as Yoo Jung but not quite passable as the face of a youthful undergrad.

park hae jin

Sideplots are revitalizing and engaging, and sometimes overlaps as center stage material, but in a way that I don’t mind. Beautifully written character back stories, with well-directed stalker and single-white-female narratives, and squad goals aplenty.

Cast rounded out with Lee Sung Kyung (It’s Okay, That’s Love), Nam Joo Hyuk (School 2015), Park Min Ji, Ahn Kil Kang (a bazillion kdramas), Kim Hee Chan (Glory Day, Producer), Yoon Bok In (Heard It Through The Grapevine), Ji Yoon Ho, Oh Hee Joon, Yoon Ji Won, Moon Ji Yoon. And a few, albeit brief, appearances from Hwang Suk Jung (She Was Pretty).

cheese in the trap

cheese in the trap kim go eun nam joo hyuk

You’re welcome. More to come. Apologies for the extended absence.


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