This Week’s Pick: Lucky Romance

Ryu Jun Yeol is back! If you watched Reply 1988, you’re probably already in love with the actor. I’ve been anticipating his next drama, and it did not disappoint.

ryu jun yeol lucky romance ep1

Lucky Romance premiered this week, with Ryu Jun Yeol as Je Su Ho,  a technically-minded genius programmer who heads up a video game company. Based on a webtoon, the drama’s off to a good start, with a swiftly moving plot (and some ratings to match).  Hwang Jung Eum (She Was Pretty, Kill Me, Heal Me) stars opposite as Shim Bo Nui, an uber-superstitious sort of lady who visits a shaman regularly after some horrific family tragedies. She’s a struggling part-timer who does nearly half a dozen jobs (cocktail waitress, janitor, garment factory, chicken restaurant employee, convenience store clerk, programmer). (However, in what universe is a programmer out of work in 2016?)

hwang jung eum lucky romance ep1

As mentioned, the drama wasted no time in set-up, while also crafting some fun scenes: Su Ho fights a giant bunny, Bo Nui gets stinking drunk (what kdrama would be one without it) and madly searches for a man born in the year of the tiger (in case you’re unfamiliar, ‘a la the Chinese zodiac signs given for every year). I’ll stop here before I give away too many spoilers.

lucky romance ep1

Lee Cho Hee (Six Flying Dragons, Who Are You: School 2015) plays an employee at Su Ho’s company, while Lee Soo Hyuk (Neighborhood Hero) plays a tennis star with connections to Bo Nui’s past, while Lee Chung Ah (Vampire Detective) is his manager.

lucky romance ep2 lee soo hyuk

Huge jump for Ryu Jun Yeol, as the actor blew up from obscurity to megawatt status from Reply 1988’s power, going from an ensemble drama to his first leading role; nice to see a talented actor movin’ on up!

Watch Lucky Romance here.

ryu jun yeol ep2 lucky romance

lucky romance ep2

lucky romance ep2

Screen shot 2016-05-26 at 7.24.52 PM

lucky romance ep2

lucky romance ep2

lucky romance ep2

Lucky Romance.
Wed-Thurs, May 25 – July 14.
Director: Kim Kyung Hee, Writer: Kim Dal Nim.
Network: MBC.
Cast: Ryu Jun Yeol, Hwang Jung Eum, Lee Soo Hyuk, Lee Chung Ah, Lee Cho Hee, Jung Sang Hoon.


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