oh hae young again kiss

KOTW (Kiss-Of-The-Week): Oh Hae Young Again [Episode 9]

Ooh, sparks were all over this one! Thank goodness, an onscreen couple with some decent chemistry (the kdrama-waves have been tepid of late).

We’re more than halfway through the series Oh Hae Young Again, the Monday-Tuesday kdrama starring Seo Hyun Jin (girlfriend is absolutely SLAYING as the show’s titular heroine) and Eric Mun. After witnessing the budding chemistry of our embattled OTP all the way through episodes 9 and 10, an argument suddenly explodes in a burst of passion.

oh hae young again kdrama kiss scene

And then, ah, a pesky ex post facto-WTF-moment sets in. Our leading man, Park Do Kyung (Eric Mun), abruptly halts the feverish moment and walks away.

oh hae young again kiss scene kdrama

Dang, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen the kiss-and-run (or, in this case, the kiss-and-wtf-walk-away). Nicely executed, Oh Hae Young Again team. (And did you see Seo Hyun Jin-as-Oh Hae Yong’s face after? I’m still all WTF?!)

oh hae young again kiss scene collage

You can catch this scene in Oh Hae Young Again here (at the end of episode 9).



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