The One Where Kang Ha Neul Slays

If you’ve been watching Scarlet Heart, you already know – your efforts are useless: this is the one where we all fall ridiculously in love with Kang Ha Neul.

The actor is part of the recent hottest-kdrama-actors-fire-sale aka the cast of currently airing drama Scarlet Heart: Ryeo.screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-6-33-53-pm kang ha neul

The drama, starring IU (Dream High, and a ton of other things but for some reason I always just remember her from that one), portrays a woman in modern day who travels back in time to the Goryeo dynasty – in the middle of the princes’ royal bath. And sure, it’s got those typical sageuk plotline sandwiches of power, status, and corruption, but it’s mainly about romance. And throw in a morsel of sideplot with the heroine sniffing out the coup d’etat herself. Can’t be easy to spot the one with the most power-hungry, fratricidal ambitions among them.


kang ha neul

Nothing like a good ol’ sweeping, historical sageuk with blossoming love lines, beautiful shooting locations, and bevy of princely brothers to welcome you into the autumn kdrama season.


Discovering the show is much like having the good fortune of stumbling upon a bunch of the gorgeously handsome.scarlet heart bath kang ha neul shirtless

There’s Nam Joo Hyuk, Ji Soo, Hong Jong Hyun, Lee Joon Gi – that should be another post altogether. All suitors aside, I’m caught up on the 7 eps which have aired thus far and this is clearly a very super sexy star vehicle for Kang Ha Neul. If you’ve never noticed him before, you might as well prepare to wipe the drool now. In fact, go ahead. Take a good look.scarlet heart boys looking fourth wall

KHN didn’t get the girl in Monstar. Can’t exactly call it a love line when it’s with a ghost in Mourning Grave. Didn’t get the girl in Heirs. Not in Twenty. Ladies be cray. You talkin’ about this face?

kang ha neul

Well, I hope you get the girl this time, bae. ‘Cause you def got that sexy game figured out. And it slays me.

Slays.kang ha neul

Me.kang ha neul

Hellooo, Kang Ha Neul. Where you been my whole life?

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo aka Moon Lovers (달의 연인-보보경심 려). SBS.
August 29 – November 1, 2016.
Writer: Jo Yoon Young (Cinderella Man), Tong Hua (novel).
Director: Kim Kyu Tae (It’s Okay, That’s Love).
Cast: IU, Kang Ha Neul (Heirs), Lee Joon Ki, Ji Soo (Sassy Go Go), Nam Joo Hyuk (School 2015), Kim Sung Gyun (Reply 1988).


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