This Week’s Pick: My Wife Is Having An Affair

JOON YOUNG: They slept together.
BO YOUNG: They didn’t.
JOON YOUNG: They did.
BO YOUNG: They didn’t.
JOON YOUNG: They did.
BO YOUNG: They didn’t.
JOON YOUNG: I said, they did!
BO YOUNG: I said, they didn’t.

boa lee sang yeob
Bo Young (left, played by BoA), Joon Young (right, by Lee Sang Yeob)

lee sang yeob

JOON YOUNG: They 100% did! Who would choose a date like that and make arrangements like that the first time they do it? The first time is when the atmosphere is right, they just go anywhere. I’m sure they slept together, but they broke up because it wasn’t right. They stopped out of guilt. However, the guy finds it such a pity, so he keeps messaging the woman. They slept together. They definitely slept together. They 100% slept together!


BO YOUNG: They didn’t. There’s an element of desperation. “I made a reservation recklessly.” I’ll tell you what this is. The guy likes her, they ended up together, but she turned him down.  But the guy caught on. The woman likes him, too, but is holding back due to her conscience. So, to make her desperate, he tells her that this is their last chance and not to lose it, sets the date and messages her. This guy’s a player. He wanted to mess with her. She 100% didn’t sleep with him.

boaAnd thus one of the best written scenes in kdrama this week played out in My Wife Is Having An Affair. The show premiered on Friday, bringing a much needed breath of fresh air to the feet-dragging plotlines of kdramas approaching their penultimate weeks. (Yes, the stray plot turns and multiple coups in Scarlet Heart have me tired, too, and so has the wishy-washy tension on Jealousy Incarnate.)

I tuned in for Lee Sun Kyun, and the thesp did not disappoint. (Bonus treat: Eun Ji Won’s cameo in Episode 1.)

lee sun kyunThe premise? A television producer discovers his wife is about to have an affair, when he spots the messages on her phone.

When he pitches his dilemma under the guise of a show idea, his staff weighs in: did they sleep together?lee sun kyun

Fresh story idea? √Check.

Thoughtfully written dialog? √Check.

Capable lead actor? √Check.

Lee Sun Kyun, more of a familiar face on the silver screen in recent years, lest we forget, was in Pasta with Gong Hyo Jin. (Did you catch his cameo on Jealousy Incarnate?) screen-shot-2016-10-29-at-10-32-17-pmlee sun kyun kim hee won


My Wife Is Having An Affair (이번 주, 아내가 바람을 핍니다).
Fri-Sat. JTBC.  12 Episodes. October 28 – December 3.

Director: Kim Suk Yoon (Awl, Detective K: Secret Of The Lost Island).
Cast: Lee Sun Kyun, Kim Hee Won, Lee Sang Yeob, Song Ji Hyo, BoA, Ye Ji Won.


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