lee do yeon affair ep3

Have You Seen This Face? Lee Do Yeon, The Elusive Kdrama Stalker

Have you seen this face?

Can’t place her?

It’s Lee Do Yeon, the actor making her rounds as numerous supporting characters in kdramaland.

Maybe you saw her in the latest episode My Wife Is Having An Affair, playing the sister-in-law monitoring her brother-in-law’s infidelity.

lee do yeon affair ep1

Or in Let’s Fight, Ghost. As a ghost.

lee do yeon let's fight ghost ep1

Hogu’s Love.

lee do yeon hogu's love ep1

Let’s Eat.

let's eat lee do yeon ep2

Totally got the vibe that Lee Do Yeon is everywhere. When I checked her credits, she really hasn’t been as omnipresent as I’d imagined. Maybe it’s because she appears so unexpectedly, like lost lip balm. You open up your purse and go, “oh hey, it’s you!”

But somehow it feels like she’s in errthang.  Like a kdrama stalker.

Where else have you seen her?


4 thoughts on “Have You Seen This Face? Lee Do Yeon, The Elusive Kdrama Stalker”

  1. Ah, yes she was also recently in “Go Back Couple” where she had a bigger role. Well at least bigger than usual. And in my “Annoying Brother”. I think she started out with advertisements? That’s where I’ve seen her first. Here:


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