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Kiss-Of-The-Week: Shopping King Louie [Episode 10]

In this edition of KOTW, we give props to the lipwork of our supporting actors.

‘Cause the leading actors don’t get to have all the fun. How unfair would that be?

Im Se Mi crying face shopping king louie ep10

In Shopping King Louie (Episode 10 – yes, I know I’m behind), Kim Ho Joon (played by Eom Hyo Seop) tries to keep the whereabouts of Louie (Seo In Guk) protected from Heo Jung Ran (Reply 1988’s Kim Sun Young). The two characters have been doing a proverbial dance around each other for many episodes, and it finally culminated into that (kiss) point of no return.

kim sun young kiss scene shopping king louie

Eom Hyo Seop Shopping King Louie





Shopping King Louie (쇼핑왕 루이). MBC.
Writer: Oh Ji Young
Director: Lee Sang Yeob (Mr. Baek)
September 21 – November 10.
Wednesday-Thursday. 16 Episodes.

Did you catch the kiss scene? Any other interesting kiss scenes this week?

(Hope you liked today’s post! Especially if you’re bummed about the election. Sigh.)


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