lee jae won

Lee Jae Won (이재원), Where Are You? [Actor Spotlight]

Giving those amazing supporting characters props where it’s due.

Remember this guy?doctor stranger lee jae won

And that guy?

lee jae won 이재원 master's sun
The Master’s Sun

And this guy?

can we get married ep4 lee jae won
Can We Get Married

It’s Lee Jae Won, the likable, gossipy security guard on The Master’s Sun, Dr. Casanova from Doctor Stranger, and the lawyer who crushes on Jung So Min’s character on Can We Get Married.

And on the silver screen, he’s the punk getting chased down by Lee Sun Kyun in A Hard Day, and, in that cult(ishly popular) classic, the drug sniffing goon from The Man From Nowhere gloriously stabbed (I mean, gloriously – that scene kicked ass) by Won Bin in The Man From Nowhere (아저씨).

a hard day lee jae won
A Hard Day
lee jae won the man from nowhere
The Man From Nowhere

All’s been quiet since the actor’s projects in 2014 (For The Emperor, The Spring Day Of My Life, Doctor Stranger, A Hard Day).

Have you seen Lee Jae Won?

Did he just go out for coffee somewhere two years ago and just not come back yet?

lee jae won

We miss you, Lee Jae Won.

Somebody please cast him. Yesterday. The kdrama world is not the same without him. Sigh.


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