Cameo Alert: Eun Ji Won On My Wife Is Having An Affair [Episode 1]

Can’t believe I almost forgot to post this one! Eek.

A married professional (Lee Sun Kyun) plays his way through a classic arcade game just in front of a convenience store. He maneuvers his way through many a play, setting up a rather simpleton but deliberate strategy to finally score the prize of his objective in The Claw.

lee sun kyung

He has to step away – ah, he is almost there – but alas, he cannot remain at the machine.


He’s gone for just a moment, if even that. A man walks past as he enters a building. As he anxiously returns to the machine at which he has labored – there is another man already there.



It’s a familiar face.


Hellooo Eun Ji Won from Sechs Kies! And Reply 1997, of course.



Did you catch his cameo?


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