sung dong il scarlet heart

Sung Dong Il Is Everywhere

Yep, it’s that guy. He’s in The Legend Of The Blue Sea!


It’s Sung Dong Il. Wasn’t he just in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo?

Why, yes. Yes, he was.


He was in Dear My Friends? Yep.

Pied Piper? Yes.

Reply 1988? 1994, and 1997? Oh, yeah, baby.



It’s Okay, That’s Love. Mm-hmm.


Gap Dong? Yeah.

Fugutive: Plan B? Yes! Remember Fugitive: Plan B, y’all?

sung dong il fugitive screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-1-24-57-pm

Isn’t he basically in every Korean movie too? Nah. Nahhh. Well-

Circle Of Atonement, Thread Of Lies, Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, The Accidental Detective, Miss Granny, Return Of The Mafia, The Suicide Forecast, a bazillion things, you get the idea…

sung dong il kim seul gi miss granny

sung dong il


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