How To Fight, By My Wife Is Having An Affair

When a random pseudo-fight play/practice scene gives us a comedy break!

This moment is brought to you by My Wife Is Having An Affair This Week [Episode 5].

Choi Yoon Ki (Kim Hee Won) and Ahn Joon Young (Lee Sang Yeob), who play friend and co-worker, respectively, to Do Hyun Woo (Lee Sun Kyun).

Probably my favorite comedic moment in the show so far.


As soon as you see that bastard, hit him!


Hey, if you hit like this, your wrist will give out. You have to hold it like this, and then punch. Like that.


Is this a punching machine? What are you going to do if he counterattacks? He could hit you right here like this. Bam!


That happens a lot. You just block it like this, then bam!


It’s ok. I’m not hurt, so I grab this and go bang! and then right here, bang!


Really? Then I won’t stay still. I’lll just jab, jab, jab, like this.


If I hold both your hands like this, you can’t do anything.


Then I’ll move like this and then pow, pow, pow!


Then I’ll just..bam!

Did you catch that, y’all?

I know Hyun Woo did.




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