Return of The Douchey Sunbae: Hello, That Guy

Aaand he’s back.

Shoot, that actor’s great as the Douchey Sunbae.  He’s just the douchiest.screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-12-31-13-am

He was a Douchey Sunbae in Cheese In The Trap. Kim Sang Cheol was the character who kept bullying that one scrawny dude, but mostly he was That Douche on the group project who never shows up to the meetings, doesn’t do any of the work, and expects everyone to cover for him. We know that guy, we’ve all had to work on a group project with that guy; we all fuckin’ hate that guy.


And that guy was played by actor Moon Ji Yoon. The thesp was previously in dramas May Queen, Awl, and Big, and features Whatcha Wearin’? and Mr. Wacky. Yeah – I don’t remember him in those, either.

But I definitely remember him from Cheese In The Trap, and immediately recognized him in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo [Episode 4] this week. He played Sang Cheol (same name?!), a weightlifting team upperclassman, busting Bok Joo and Co.’s chops on cleanup duty.





And thus he was Douchey Sunbae again, and was as douchey as could be.

Now that we know your face, here’s hoping you avoid getting typecast ;).



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