Anatomy Of A Breakup: Ahn So Hee and Cha Young Bin

SO HEE: What do you think of the script? […] Be honest.

YOUNG BIN:  Aren’t there too many kiss scenes? And there’s bed scenes, too.screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-1-22-37-pm

SO HEE: So…?

YOUNG BIN: If you care about me, don’t do this movie.

SO HEE: What do you mean?


YOUNG BIN: How would you feel if I had kiss scenes and bed scenes with other female actors?

SO HEE: It wouldn’t matter to me.

YOUNG BIN: Why wouldn’t it matter?

SO HEE: It’s just work.

YOUNG BIN: It matters to me.

SO HEE: Is this going to bother you every time I get a new role?

YOUNG BIN: Of course.


After all that fuss, Cha Young Bin(Seo Kang Joon) and So Hee (playing a character with her own moniker) break up in Episode 8 on Entourage.

But they were so lovey-dovey! Honeymooning seemed like it would never end, what with the lazing around on the sofa and the late night secret rendezvous. We were all on that rooftop deck right there with them.






But things got prickly when their agencies bickered. Then they disagreed on So Hee’s role in War Terminator. And then there were those flashes of Young Bin’s insecurity at the thought of So Hee sharing the screen with Park Seo Joon.


And the flame went out after barely having sparked.

Ah, actors.


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