A Note To Bloggers + Readers

Dear Readers, Bloggers, Kdrama Lovers + Friends,

You may have noticed I’ve been blogging more lately. Or maybe you’ve discovered my blog for the first time today. At any rate, thank you for stopping by.

Today is December 1st; I’m still recovering.

I decided that, for the month of November, I would blog. Every. Single. Day.

I did it just to see if I could. To write, consistently. Just to see if it was possible, while working full time and freelancing and pursuing other passions and, that whole constant catch up of multiple life ambitions.

It kicked my ass.

Nights after work became a mad race to get home, shower, eat some dinner, and stay up to watch an episode or two and write up a post. I spent hours writing and putting together screencaps and collages and watching dramas and researching as much as I could in the remaining moments I had before my eyes closed for the night.


Props to all those who do it, especially on top of a full time job. I lost a lot of sleep.

But I wanted to finish it. I wanted to write every single day. Even though I was soooo tired.

And it was the unexpected comments, likes, and follows that helped keep me going. It was like my fellow kdrama lovers were right there with me, rooting me on. So, thanks.


I also have new dreams now. Of blogging from a hotel room. In a hot tub. With doughnuts.


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