Guest Star Alert: Kyung Soo Jin Is Creepy On Entourage [Episode 10]

I spy Kyung Soo Jin.

The actor appeared in Episode 10 of Entourage as Heung Soo, a con artist who hits up glitzy events and lies to people about who she knows and what she does.  (I had to do a double-take; her character and her look is in stark contrast to the lean looking rhythm gymnast she plays on Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.)

She pops up in the store where Young Bin (Kang Seo Joon) and Company are shopping, and hooks them up with a Jeju Island getaway for a few days.


And she shows up – unannounced. And she just kept on showing up. Like a weed.

Just goes to show – do not discriminate. Creepers – and con artists – could look like anybody.







Hopefully you’ll realize she’s a compulsive liar before you fall in love with her, let her do a nude photo shoot (for art!) and give her all your money.screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-11-17-56-pm


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