Guest Star Alert: Park Hee Bon on Goblin [Episode 1]

And this guest star role was with none other than Park Hee Bon. Love her!

She played Ji Yeon Hee, Eun Tak’s mother, in the first episode of Goblin: The Lonely And Great God. The supersized episode (it’s 90 mins long) of Goblin is the most notable premiere this past week, and it is of the epic nature. It’s got the sweeping saga status of a feature film, replete with folklore and fantasy-based characters, decent CGI, visually stunning production design, and a haunting soundtrack (in a good way).

Park Hee Bon is known for playing many of the best friend or sidekick roles on kdramas (see The Master’s Sun), but she’s also had umbrella couple status of her own. Or check her out in indie gem Let Me Out with Kwon Hyun Sang.

As a crucial background character in Goblin, I was pleasantly surprised to see her.








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