What’s Her Face? Spotting Goblin’s Lee El

It took me forever to figure out: who is this lady?

Mystery solved.

The lady in red in The Lonely Brilliant Goblin is Lee El (aka Kim Ji Hyun), often cast in supporting roles. What – thought we wouldn’t notice? Especially with all that color symbolism.


She looks so familiar, yet so hard to place, it probably drove you nuts.

She was in It’s Okay, That’s Love – but I have no recollection of her in it (and never finished watching it). She was in a bunch of dramas I never got into – Monster, Imaginary Cat (sadly I saw the first few eps), My Beautiful Bride, Divorce Lawyer In Love, Maids, Liar Game, Mother’s Garden. 7th Grade Civil Servant (saw most of it but still can’t recall her from it), The Princess’ Man.

Hmm. Maybe she just has that face.

She had a solid cameo in Entourage as Ho Jin’s (Park Jung Min) new client in Episodes 13 and 14.





lee el cameo entourage ep14


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