Kang Ki Young Is Everywhere

This guy gets around.

Maybe you saw him in his drama debut (see #4). He’s been booking steady roles since, oftentimes as the trusty friend of the lead or a likable sidekick character.

Where has Kang Ki Young been this year, in twenty sixteen?

Where hasn’t he been? Perhaps supporting actors book more jobs than the leads.

W-Two Worlds
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
Let’s Fight, Ghost
Come Back, Mister
Come Back, Mister

2 thoughts on “Kang Ki Young Is Everywhere”

  1. Yes. There are too many faces I see multiple times this year.

    Kang Ki Young, Sung Dong Il, DOTS “Team Alpha’s Harry Potter” and even the guy who act as Oh Yeon Joo’s father. Haha


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