Kang Ki Young Is Everywhere

This guy gets around.

Maybe you saw him in his drama debut (see #4). He’s been booking steady roles since, oftentimes as the trusty friend of the lead or a likable sidekick character.

Where has Kang Ki Young been this year, in twenty sixteen?

Where hasn’t he been? Perhaps supporting actors book more jobs than the leads.

W-Two Worlds
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
Let’s Fight, Ghost
Come Back, Mister
Come Back, Mister

One thought on “Kang Ki Young Is Everywhere”

  1. Yes. There are too many faces I see multiple times this year.

    Kang Ki Young, Sung Dong Il, DOTS “Team Alpha’s Harry Potter” and even the guy who act as Oh Yeon Joo’s father. Haha


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