The Top 6 Bromances of 2016

You’ve seen the #squadgoals.

And here are the top bromances of the year (in kdrama).

The Goblin (Gong Yoo) and the Reaper (Lee Dong Wook)
The Lonely Brilliant Goblin
Sun Woo (Go Kyung Pyo), Jung Pal (Ryu Jun Yeol), and Dong Ryong (Lee Dong Hwi)
Reply 1988
Yoon Gi (Kim Hee Won), Hyun Woo (Lee Sun Kyun), and Ahn PD (Lee Sang Yeob)
My Wife Is Having An Affair This Week
Lee Hwa Shin (Jo Jung Seok) and Go Jung Won (Go Kyung Pyo)
Jealousy Incarnate
Chun Sang (Kang Ki Young) and In Rang (David Lee)
Let’s Fight, Ghost
Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) and Dae Young (Jin Goo)
Descendants Of The Sun
Descendants Of The Sun

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