Upcoming Dramas, Winter 2017

Mark your calendars, y’all. Because what’s a new year without new shows?

January 16: Introverted Boss

Because of Marriage, Not Dating.

Writer: Joo Hwa Mi (Marriage, Not Dating)
Director: Song Hyun Wook (Oh Hae Young Again, Marriage, Not Dating)
Airing: Mon-Tues.

January 18: Missing 9

Because Jung Kyung Ho – ever since Heartless City, you’ll never be able to get his awesome performance from the noir drama off your mind.

Writer: Han Jung Hoon (Squad 38, Bad Guys)
Director: Ashbun (Angry Mom)
Airing: Wed-Thurs.

February 3: Tomorrow With You

Why: Lee Je Hoon. I’m not crazy about Shin Mina, but I’d follow the project of any Bleak Night boy.

Writer: Heo Sung Hye (All About My Wife, Beyond The Clouds)
Director: Yoo Je Won (Oh My Ghostess, King Of High School)
Airing: Fri-Sat.

February 24: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Not gonna lie: Ji Soo had me (and probably you) at Angry Mom. He’s the second lead again, but you can’t deny he’s got a mass following awaiting his first lead role.

Writer: Baek Mi Kyung (My Love Eun Dong)
Director: Lee Hyung Min (Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Ki)
Airing: Fri-Sat.


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