Pitiful Line-Of-The-Week: Hwarang [Episode 8]

I wish I was making this up. I wish.

Upon talking about their mother, Aro (Go Ara) utters this pathetic line to Sunwoo (Park Seo Joon) – who is actually Moo Myung in Hwarang,  so transparently written with intentional pathos.

Before the line, Sunwoo’s face looked like this:


That’s a happy, I’m-in-a-good-mood face. They’re having a nice stroll.

And then –

aro-face-filt go ara hwarang pitiful line

“Our mother couldn’t sing a lullaby. Because she was mute.”
– Aro.
So then his face looked like this:


Talk about a conversation stopper.

wide-filt crowd hwarang

What a pitiful line.

Pitiful, as in inducing pity, and pitiful, as in the decision made by Writer Park Eun Young. (Double entendre!)

And we’ve 12 more eps to go.


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