Why Can’t I Stop Watching “Father, I’ll Take Care Of You”?

Hell, those weekend dramas are cheesy af.

Pacing is painfully slow, acting obvious, and there’s mundane life minutiae which would be better left offscreen.

Visually, they suck. Weekend dramas are visual miscreants, more ’90s soap-opera style camera angles with the lighting design reminiscent of the artistic vision of vegetable lasagna.

They’re actually kind of embarrassing.

Compare them to their cinematically lush, weeknight counterparts.

They’re leviathan hiking expeditions, clocking around 50-ish-episodes with lame makjang tendencies while the sophisticated weeknight wizards are a breezy 16-episode walk in the fucking park.

So why can’t I stop watching Father, I’ll Take Care Of You?

I know exactly why. It’s because of this guy.

lee tae hwan father i'll take care of you

Lee Tae Hwan plays Han Sung Joon, and is part of a large ensemble cast. Sung Joon is the obligatory nice guy.

Lee Tae Hwan’s acting still occasionally comes off as green, and not sure who the show is trying to fool in passing off a 21 year-old as a drama producer. (Maybe that’s why they put him in suits? To forget that he was playing high school characters yesterday?)

But I keep watching it. And fast forwarding to the scenes with Lee Tae Hwan in it. With Park Eun Bin.

park eun bin father i'll take care of you

She plays Oh Dong Hee, who comes from (of course) a woeful sob story background. (I loathe how her character was written, but anyhow.) Sung Joon and Dong Hee make up the show’s youngest loveline, this beacon of hope and innocence in the midst of the family’s emotional baggage and struggles with each other and with themselves.

They’re just so damn cute together.

couple lee tae hwan park eun bin father

lee tae hwan couple library library-couple

park eun bin lee tae hwan couple father

lee tae hwan couple kimchi

couple father lee tae hwan park eun bin

And now I can’t stop watching. Well – fast forwarding and watching the OTP, anyway.


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