Sunday Shorts: Short Film Treats!

Quicker than an order of mini kdrama special.

‘Cause sometimes you need a break from those kdrama catch-ups.

Here are some awesome shorts from Asian and Asian American talent (so good you won’t believe they’re from film school). Enjoy.

Banana Trip (2013)

9 minutes. In Korean and English, with subtitles.
Director: Hyungjik Lee.
Cast: Paul Kim, Seungmin Choi, Steve Kim.
Synopsis: Three South Korean college boys head to Florida for spring break hoping to hook up with white girls.

Jin (2011)

21 mins. In English and Korean (with subtitles).
Director: Il Cho
Cast: Justin Chon, Josiah D. Lee, Lance Lim.
(Interesting fact: according to IMDb, helmer Il Cho’s worked on other major Korean features – like C’est Si Bon and The Suspect.)

Hypebeasts (2016)

20 mins.
Director: Jess dela Merced
Cast: Michael Rosete, Jess dela Merced, Jake Choi, Trevon Davis, Jeanette Dilone, Grizz Chapman, Richard Pecci.
Synopsis: Inspired by Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing, racial tensions explode between young people waiting in line to buy the hottest new sneakers on the market.



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