Scene-Of-The-Week: Hwarang, Episode 14

Hot sexy damn, that was hands down the best scene from Hwarang.

It’s the peace envoy that goes horribly, incredibly, so very wrong.

Moo Myung (Park Seo Joon) and the squad of knights accompanying Princess Sookmyung (Seo Ye Ji), are left with no choice.

The Crown Prince of the South Buyeo Province begins killing off innocent people, demands that the King of Silla reveal himself or else he will slay a few more – including Aro (Go Ara).

hwarang ep14

hwarang ep14

Hwarang ep14 go ara

And the suspense is high, Jin Heung aka the real king (Park Hyung Sik) is completely torn up inside. And Moo Myung can only see Aro, sitting in front of him, about to meet Death.

And then he steps out. Or shall I say, steps the f up.

hwarang ep14

hwarang ep14 park seo joon

hwarang ep14 king silla park seo joon“I am the King. I am Silla’s King!”

And the onlookers are shellshocked.


And the King is perhaps the most stunned of all.

park hyung sik hwarang ep14

hwarang ep14 park seo joon

Park Seo Joon owns it in this explosive performance.

Who else had an inkling this would happen? I was expecting a bit of the “I am Spartacus” persuasion.


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