Fine Lines: What To Say Before A Fight To The Death

What to say when your friend is about to fight for his life, your life, everyone’s lives.

And this short, sweet, and perfect line goes to King Jin Heung (Park Hyung Sik) on Hwarang, Episode 15.

As Myung Moo (Park Seo Joon) prepares to fight the Crown Prince of South Buyeo, lest he and errbody meet a truly bloody and certain death (him, the other Hwarangs, the Princess, and the citizens of Silla – no pressure), Jin Heung, the real King, drops him this awesome line:

park hyung sik ep15

“Don’t die.”


park seo joon ep15 hwarangpark hyung sik hwarang ep15

10-4, Jin Heung. 10-4.


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